3 Hook LATEX aggressive waist trainer

3 Hook LATEX aggressive waist trainer

Latex / Sporty WAIST TRAINERS 

Waist trainers will help you Tone and Firm your shape without dangerous surgeries. Snatched and Layed cinchers are used to hold in the stomach area and give you a slimmer shape made of latex with a cotton overlay.


  • Slims down sizes instantly
  • Post-pregnancy figure restoration
  • Reduced waistline, up to 3 sizes instantly
  • Firmed, flattened midriff
  • Smoother, more classic silhouette
  • Accelerated weight loss, up to 4 inches in 4 weeks
  • Corrected, more confident posture
  • Reduced back pain
  • Strengthens core
  • Boosts thermal activity


  • Dual column hook-and-eye closures
  • 100% latex band
  • Allow you to wear your own bra
  • Strapless
  • Great for larger coverage for stomach areas/pouchy area
  • Great fit for longer torso’s (if shorter to avoid buckling place pants on top of the trainer to lay it flat)


  • Wear daily 6-8 hours under your clothes (the more you wear the faster results)
  • 100% latex/cotton band
  • To clean - use warm water/anti-bacterial soap and wipe interior
  • Latex is worn on the outside/ cotton is worn on the skin
  • Exercise is not mandatory but HIGHLY recommended to speed up lasting results