Snatched Thong Panty Girdle

Snatched Thong Panty Girdle


Thong panty stretch girdle.  Abdomen control with latex, centered clip gafete, removable/adjustable straps, semi-bare back and braless.  With shiny lining for smooth fit to the legs without rolling or creasing.


These girdle are medium compression, are made of cotton, latex, nylon and Lycra, the cotton is protecting the latex so that it does not bother or irritate the skin, latex is a natural for sweating in the abdominal area, the Lycra is the one that gives the elasticity and the nylon gives the firmness and consistency to the belt, in the part of the abdomen we find zippers so that it is easier to place like hooks that help when the zipper is going up.


Provides high abdominal compression, design, comfort and butt lift


-Hand wash in luke warm water

-Do not wring or twist 


-Do not bleach or soak 

-Do not wear if damp

-Use fingertips when putting on, be careful with jewelry, nails, and any roughness that might damage the garment

Sizing: (Recommend going ONE SIZE down)